Lifestyle Digital Banking Update

We continue enhancing this stand-alone channel solution, built on an innovative platform and featuring a unique design.

Advanced Google Analytics

Now our solution can supply Google Analytics with extended data about customer activity.  Without leaving the Google interface, you can see statistics on:

  • transfers and payments done via web/mobile banking
  • online user registrations and authorizations
  • call center requests
  • visitors and clicks
  • and more

When users navigate your web/mobile banking menu, their path is tracked as well. However, all sensitive information – e.g. transaction amounts – are not provided to Google Analytics.

Loan Management

Loan prepayment

Now users can prepay a loan – fully or partially – before the due payment date. The source of funds can be any customer account or a linked card.

Loan payment schedule presented as a user-friendly infographic

Classical Digital Banking Update

We added new features to our classic web and mobile banking.

Payments and transfers

Recurring invoices 

After a service provider assigns a unique account number to your customer, the latter can save this information in the web/mobile banking app. WAY4 will receive all the subsequent invoices automatically. They are stored until the user can review and approve/decline the payment.

Money request  

Now users can request money from someone they know – by specifying this person’s phone number and the required sum. Both parties see this request in their WAY4 mobile banking app. They can exchange related messages and modify the amount, if necessary.

People who don’t use the same mobile banking app would receive such a money request via SMS. If they follow the specified URL, they can confirm/deny the operation and choose their payment method. 

In-app provisioning for Apple Pay 

For every linked card in your app, WAY4 can display a special new option. It would allow customers to add a card to Apple Pay easily. The bank can flexibly enable/disable this feature for selected card products and types. 

NFC enablement

Now users can enable NFC for a linked card. The app becomes ready for contactless payments instantly. The operations history indicates when the contactless mode was used and when not.

If the customer applied this feature to multiple cards, one of them should be chosen as the default instrument for NFC operations. 

External payment hubs 

We have integrated WAY4 with more payment hubs, including the largest one in Eastern Europe. It means more service providers whose invoices and bills can be paid from the mobile/web banking app. Our integration plans take into account which hubs are the most requested by our customers.

App-generated QR code for cash operations

Now our app can generate a special QR code for cash in and cash out operations. Your customer just needs to choose a card and then specify the cash amount. To complete the transaction, the ATM scans the QR code from the phone screen. The customer can use any the bank’s ATMs. The customer can share this QR with a friend.

Retailers’ logos

Retailers' logos appear next to each payment in the history of operations

Communication and information

Chat with a bank

The user can send messages via the app. Bank clerks can receive them and reply via e-mail. These replies are instantly shown in the mobile/web app, in the form of chat. Both parties can also send various attachments to each other.

Currency rates

Currency rates of the bank are displayed to the customer and updated in real-time.

Product management


Now users can order and manage instalment cards in the web and mobile banking menu. They see the instalment operations history, applicable limits and commissions, and – of course – the due date and amount for next payment(s). The app also highlights every case of delinquency and fines to pay. 

Multi-currency cards

Now users see several independent balances, each in its own currency, for every multi-currency card. The transaction history clearly shows which account, in its respective currency, was debited for each purchase.


Pre-approved loans

The app can notify users on a pre-approved loan by displaying a message or promo banner. The bank customer can confirm instant loan issuance, or decrease the loan amount first, or completely decline the offer.

Personalized offers


You can show personalised offers based on the KYC data (on the customer profile and behavior analysis). Also the platform allows to present your offers as pop-up messages.

Convenient security

Automatic OTP capture 

Our mobile app is able to analyze the incoming SMS to grab a one-time password and automatically insert it into the confirmation form.

Push messages

Push messages can appear within the mobile banking app to notify customers on completed purchases. (The push functionality should be enabled on the device in the first place).

Messenger Banking Update

Now your customers can request money from people in their contact list without leaving the messenger interface. Both parties are identified by phone number.

The chat bot helps the user choose a person from the contact list, specify the transaction amount and add a comment.  

The potential money sender receives the request via SMS. If they follow the specified URL from SMS, they can confirm/deny the operation and choose their payment method.

WAY4 Release Management Services

<New service>

To minimize your cost and dependency on internal resources related to the WAY4 upgrades, we have introduced a WAY4 Release Management service. This service includes:

  • On-site Impact Analysis workshop: the major changes coming with the WAY4 release upgrade; Q&A session
  • Full support throughout the major release upgrade: planning, installation, automated testing – all in your environment, go-live, post release support  
  • Dedicated staff on-site and a single point of contact at OpenWay

Please contact your BRM for more details.

Continuous Integration: New Toolkit

Our team is keen to assist you in building a reliable process of continuous integration and increasing the speed of new features delivered to the production system.

We present new tools that will help you organize your pre-production activities for better speed-to-market. 

Testing Framework

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

With this tool, you can automate regression testing of the following system components:

  • NetServer, Transaction Switch or WAY4Gate (ISO8583, Web Services, SOA UFX messages) inward online interfaces
  • WAY4 standard and customized inward and outward batch interfaces (e.g. loading of application and clearing files, transactions and GL entry batches export)
  • WAY4 reports (e.g. cardholder contract statement), etc.

The WAY4 Testing Framework allows you to create a machine-readable testing project which consists of multiple test suites, test sets and test cases and then run the tests in manual or automatic modes. The solution will compare test results from the test run with pre-saved expected results and define if the test passed or failed.

The solution generates user-friendly interactive test reports that show the total regression test statistics and details of each particular test.

Interactive regression testing report screen

Test results screen (all links are clickable and open additional information on the test conditions, steps and differences from the pre-saved expected results, if any): 

Configuration Management Tool

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Now you can compare the configuration of two or more WAY4 instances and see what they do and do not have in common. The elements that are different can be transferred from one instance to another. You can also save a backup copy of a chosen configuration. The data which can be managed are table records, business rules, system settings, FI hierarchy, product settings, global parameters and other configuration elements. However, the tool does not work with sensitive data, such as client profiles, contracts, documents and custom forms.

Configuration Management Tool helps you prove a new functionality in a test environment and then deploy it more safely in production. It saves time and resource spent on manual database setup and minimizes the possibility of human errors thanks to the copy process automation.

Clone Wizard

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Now you can test different copies of the WAY4 database and choose the most suitable configuration(s) without compromising real business data. 

The Clone Wizard creates an empty WAY4 data scheme with an identical configuration to a chosen node. You can clone table records, business rules, system settings, FI hierarchy, product settings, global parameters and other configuration elements. However, the tool does not work with sensitive data, such as client profiles, contracts, documents and custom forms.

WAY4 High Availability Cluster: Auto Switchover

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

WAY4 Auto Switchover is a new component of WAY4 High Availability Cluster. It detects unavailability of a primary node and automatically switches the system to the secondary node. Switching is completed within 15-30 seconds. The monitoring and switching algorithm depends on predefined rules that can be extended and customized. Examples of such rules:

  • No connection with a node, connection attempt terminates with an error or takes longer than a timeout
  • Connection errors that cannot be eliminated by repeated attempts (‘invalid username or password’, ‘account is locked’, ‘restricted session’, ‘Oracle is not available’, etc.)
  • System upgrade
  • Insufficient space in a tablespace
  • Mass timeouts

The solution has been already proven in live environment operations.