WAY4 Cards

Top-1 software platform for end-to-end card issuing and online account management

Card Management Platform To Transform Your Business? 

Look at the list of the challenges below which can trigger you to explore WAY4 Cards as a preferred card management system for your next generation of card-based products and services:    

  • Cost reduction: to spare costs of legacy system maintenance and to compete with cheaper and quicker SaaS payment service providers   
  • PSD2, Open API - how to lead in the open banking era  
  • New revenue streams: new customer segments, data analytics, cross-selling
  • Any payment instruments: Cards, Wallets, Loyalty, Prepaid?
  • Digital banking: to offer customer on-boarding, secure payments and strong customer authentication through any device

WAY4 Cards is a white-label end-to-end card issuing and online account management software platform which is a top choice for ambitious companies of any scale that want to start or transform their card management business efficiently and be ready for open banking challenges and opportunities. 

    Make Credit Cards Profitable Again

    Credit cards have been the most profitable retail banking revenue channel for years, but now the golden days have passed. To increase ROA, WAY4 Cards allows you the following:

    • Be flexible in pricing:  change it dynamically for certain customer segments and under specific conditions to stimulate customer spending behavoir
    • Reduce operational costs by automation of routine operations: debt collection, disputes, customer service, fraud prevention - through user-friendly interfaces 
    • Monetize customer data. Our business intelligence engine allows you to analyze the profitability of your card portfolio and store transaction data in a convenient way that can be used to create deeply personalized service offerings  

    Be the Customer's "Default" Card

    While open banking and fintech API technologies help to improve customer experience and quality of financial services in the market, they also require card issuers to overhaul their business strategy to ensure two main things: 1) the customer will not walk away and will continue using your card even in the 3rd party services 2) your payment processing infrastructure is ready to work with 3rd party services - in a stable and secure way.

    WAY4 platform is the only platform with online back office which means you can create product and services which will be available to your customers instantly. The WAY4 Cards makes you ready for participation in instant payments schemes and provide online access to accounts for your fintech partners. 

    Platform For New Revenue Streams

    Because WAY4 is an integrated platform which allows you to run both classic and innovative business models in different area of payments, there are number of new opportunities which you - as an issuer - can pursue on WAY4 Cards:

    • Attract new types of customers: offer mobile wallet accounts to unbanked, private label cards to merchants, and prepaid cards to tourists   
    • Build your ecosystem: integrate easily and painlessly with 3rd party companies that enhance your customers experience - scoring, digital identity, wallets providers.  
    • Increase non-credit revenues: earn on FX when issuing multi-currency cards, offer instant prepaid or virtual cards for special use (events, one-time purchase)
    • Work with merchants: organize a sales finance partnership with merchants, issue a co-branded instalment card with retailers, lead the loyalty program   

    Mobile Instalments on WAY4: look how it works from the customer’s perspective

    Ovum matrix

    OpenWay recognized the Leader in Card Management Software

    in Decision Matrix report by Ovum

    TIER-1 COMPANIES monetize payments on way4

    Tier-1 and ambitious startup banks, processing companies and fleet companies rely on WAY4 Cards all over in their issuing business. The system is efficient for processing both small and large volumes. 

    Some of our highlights

    • 200,000,000 credit and debit cards managed on a single installation
    • 2,400 t.p.s. in the live environment 
    • 14% of cards in Europe are issued on WAY4 

    "SIX and OpenWay are leveraging their work together to design and implement a future-proof solution to enable SIX bank customers to select their own strategy in payments."

    SIX Payment Services presentation at OpenWay Club forum. The processor has migrated 38 banks to the WAY4 platform in just 15 months.

    "The new system not only gives Equity Bank a strong competitive advantage in cutting edge technology and card management, but allows speedy and efficient transaction process in real time, and in all currencies."

    James Mwangi, CEO of Equity Bank of Kenya. The bank runs its issuing and acquiring business on WAY4 for over 10,000,000 clients.


    Proven migration experience

    - Greenfield in 3 months

    - Step-by-step migration for complex projects

    - Migration methodology ready: from mainframes and open legacy systems (Base24, Vision+, ElectraCard, SmartVista, etc.) 

    - Business consultancy, technical support



    - Out-of-the box packaged card products for quick start

    - Quick adoption of innovations: Tokenization, Open Banking, Biometrics, Digital Wallets


    Your committed partner

    - Joint business analysis

    - Extra mile approach

    - OpenWay Club: annual gathering of payment experts all over the world 


    WAY4 cards AT A GLANCE


    • PA-DSS
    • SEPA
    • Shariah
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • Diners Club
    • UnionPay
    • American Express
    • JCB
    • Domestic schemes


    • Digital on-boadring
    • Instant issuing
    • Card personalization
    • Flexible tariffs
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Fraud prevention
    • Dispute management
    • Accounting
    • BI and reporting

    Global and Local

    • Multiple currencies
    • Multiple countries, time zones
    • Multiple languages
    • Private label schemes
    • Domestic schemes
    • Cross-border schemes

    DELIVERY model

    • On-premise
    • Cloud

    any payment instrument

    • Credit
    • Debit
    • Prepaid, Gift
    • Corporate
    • Virtual
    • Instalments
    • Token
    • Fleet
    • e-Money

    New revenue

    • Multi-currency cards
    • API monetization
    • PFM
    • Data insight
    • Remittances & Payments
    • Sales finance partnership
    • Microloans

    Value-added services

    • Wallets
    • Loyalty
    • QR, NFC payments
    • mVisa, MasterPass QR
    • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay


    • Online 24/7/365 
    • 2,400 t.p.s. in live
    • High availability
    • Scalability: S to XXL