Rudy Gunawan

Director, Asia

After graduation, I built my career in consulting services. In 2003 I joined a team that was transforming operations and organization of a large Asian bank. Since then, I continued with different aspects of financial industry. Finally, specialization in payments brought me to OpenWay in 2005.

What you see as key trends in your business

With Mobile changing many aspect of our life, I believe it will soon disrupt legacy payment ecosystem. Similarly to Whatsapp Messaging and VOIP disrupting legacy SMS and IDD businesses in Telecommunication companies worldwide, future mobile applications and/ or mobile solution providers will disrupt Banks and Payment Service Providers.

What inspires you in the payment industry

Payment itself is as old as human history serving basic need to exchange goods. The unseen future evolution of payment and how future society will perform retail transactions are constant flow of opportunities for businesses and creativities.

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